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The Dark World

I want to thank my beloved cousin, Ate Ning for giving me the free voucher (for the nth time.) to watch the movie alone. Thanks! :)



I went to Resorts World Manila (which is like a tricycle ride away from where I live) and tried my luck if I can still exchange the voucher I got from my cousin into a movie ticket for the movie Thor, The Dark World. Luckily, I was just in time for the 1:50PM showing of the movie, and sadly, I am indeed alone but that's fine at least I got a bucket full of popcorn to accompany me.

I tried to be nonchalant with all the lovers surrounding me as I watch the movie alone with my cheesy popcorn. All eyes. All ears. Focusing on the movie and not on the love birds pecking on each other on my left side. Its annoying how they talk to each other like whisperers, their voice are too soft but the words coming from their mouth are so audible, its as if no one can hear their booty talks. Humming and pecking like birds. I tried to pigeonhole the thoughts of where their conversation is leading to and try to ignore the movements I sensed from them and tried my very best to switch my attention back to Chris Hemsworth, Tom Hiddleston and Natalie Portman.

I succeeded for a while though, but I suddenly felt an urge of curiosity to get a glimpse of how the couples beside me looks like and it made me smile, the devil's smile when I thought about it.

I slightly turned my head to the left side and saw the man's silhouetted face in my peripheral vision. I gave a second glance just to make sure that my eyes are not playing a painfull joke on me and that I am not just trying to travel through time as the man that I am rudely staring at looks exactly like someone that I used to know from the past. My heart skipped a beat when I saw the vague vision of the man's face. I was speechless and almost toungue-tied. I am almost nostalgic.

The man has a medium cut curly hair, pointed nose, thin lips, big brown eyes (with eyeglasses) and I know that the guy has a fair skin even in the darkness of the cinema. I know for a fact that the guy is tall too, based on his height as he sits and he also have a medium bulit body. Hindi payat, hindi mataba, hindi rin macho. Sakto lang. The guy seems to be a playfull, good guy. I think I'm judging the guy too much based on his silhouetted image.

I suddenly realize that Iam not just staring at him, I'm actually being an intruder with no fixed agenda at all. I felt a bit shame as he look back at me. I felt the familliar pain that used to haunt me for the past few years. The pain of being a fickle minded with no definite plan. The pain of losing someone because of your undecisiveness. No courage to bite the bullet and decide.

Anyways, those are the things from the past. Something I should not really bother myself about anymore. Like treasures, I should dig a hole somewhere within me and just keep it there. I should not really lavish time and effort remembering how things were in the past. Nostalgia should stay in oblivion and should be obliterated completely if possible.

Going back to what I was watching, the movie is great and Loki's dead. Not really dead, he did a trick to be the King of Asgard.


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Round Red Bed

Round red bed, is red and not blue.
Its where I love staying with you.
Cuddling. Snuggling. Kissing and Laughing.
things I'd rather do with you.

Round red bed, is red and not blue.
flowers,hearts and butterflies.
is everything I got from you.
Love is everywhere when Im with you.

Round red bed, is red and not blue.
its where my treasures are hidden.
Lying still underneath the white sheets
and soft pillow where your scent remains.

Round red bed, is red and not blue.
take my hand and keep my heart forever.
love me now and be by my side for life
in this round red bed of hapiness..

<3 <3 <3 <3 <3

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Vacation Leave



11.10.2013 | 12am

At the office, busy with work and twitter. Stressed. Demotivated. Dragging. Bored. These are the adjectives I use to best describe my work. Fair enough, I guess. Yung tipong hindi mo mararamdaman yung hangin ng AC (air-condition) kasi feeling mo stress yung binubuga nya araw-araw. Everyday seems to be a constant battle between the good and the bad side of myself.

Devil: Party hard. Don't think about work. Work sucks. Its tiresome and not at all insteresting. Just do whatever makes you happy, bitch!
Be positive. Think about the scholarship program you promise to your beloved brother. Calm down and rest everything to Him.

This is just an example of my arguement every working day. I can sometimes compost 120 reasons to stay home and be absent, but ironically one reason can defeat that 120 alibis. Dragging my whole being to work and fooling myself that, "Fuck, I love my job!", that's my personal mantra. Sorry for the expletives, but cursing is inevitable with the kind of work I have, its my way of expressing how I dislike my job and how unhappy I am with the fact that I don't have any choice but to spend 9 hours in the air-conditioned hell called office.

Anyways, I won't go through the nitty gritty of everything as it just adds up to my frustrations and predicaments towards work.


Just when I thought that everything will fall down on me and I wish that the ground will swallow me alive, a sudden twist of events took place and it effusively made me jump from my seat and almost shout.

Here it goes;

Khei, Magfile ka daw ng Vacation Leave from 12/10/2013 - 20/10/2013, sabi ng Workforce Management. - as per my boss..

That's just the only phrase I remember from the conversation I had with my boss and the only phrase that almost gave me a heart attack. It can be an overstatement for some but its true, I was overwhelmed that I instantly grabbed my friend's hands and started acting as if I was possesed by evil spirits. I was so flabbergasted and so gratefull for the wonderful news, as it means a longer time off of the phone and off of the British folks.

I was so excited that I have filed 7days worth of vacation leave including my restdays. Yipee! I exclaimed and at the back of my mind, I have already drafted my plans for the 7 days vacation.

Baler, Aurora.

It's the only place I can think of where I can stay at least an overnight without spending too much. I have been planning to go that place since last year. I already did a lot of research about the place and the astonishing sceneries of the town. Everything is so amazing and I am so excited and I can feel the attack of my impulsiveness runnning through my veins like an adrenaline rush. I really wanted to go, ALONE.

That's the catch, I'll be leaving ALONE. Its not the first that I travelled alone, but its the first time that I will go and ask permission. Lol!

:) :) :)

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Mission Impossible

things I can't do

sunny 29 °C

Give sensible love advise.
Write wedding speech.
Be in a relationship.
Go to work.

Give sensible love advise.

- something I am not really good at and I must say that I suck at it. I can give any advice regarding any other things except heart issues, relationships and the like. I can sometimes put common sense in some non-heart issues, analize and give analogy to some issues that doesnt concern heart and emotions. I am not being apathetic or love-hater, Im a good listener though, I always keep my enthusiasm during conversations but I am always caught off my highest guard when they started asking for advice. It makes me feel insignificant when I just stare blankly at them as I think of the right words to say. I tend to beat around the bush to give comfort and not be straight forward and hurt them which makes it impossible for me to be myself as I am normally tactless and say things before thinking.

Write wedding speech.

- that is just so self-explanatory. I have not experience being a bride nor have I been married nor live together with someone. No. Not even in the near future, yet. I have two pending requests for wedding speech for two different weddings and from two different women. I don't even know why are they asking me to do the simplest thing they can do as the bride. Its not that Im being indifferent, I just dont feel like being mushy about it. I knew how they met their grooms and all, but I dont know how to express their love for them. Damn it! Im not the bride.

Be in a relationship.

- its by choice and not by chance. Its my personal preferrence not to be in any relationship for almost 3 years, and in all honesty, I dont regret it as my thoughts with relationship is that most of them are transitory and it takes an equal and cooperative effort for it to work. Dedication. Submission. Responsibilities. Trust. Love. Commitment. Loyalty. Big words. My ideal status is to be free but not alone, though there are these rare moments when I long to be taken and be with someone without expectations as the word alone can ruin everything.

Go to work.

- at least its not just me who consider working as one of their biggest pet peeves in life, the only reason why it became impossible for me to go to work every damn day without complaints is because of the fact that I dont love what I am doing, its a simple fact that demotivates me and makes me feel the insignificance of the word passion in my life. I am not trying to exxagerate it but it gets boring and worthless when everything turns routinary and repetitive.

This may just be so simple for others, I maybe going through, what they call the quarter life crisis, I haven't establised anything yet at this point, no name, no investment, no partner, no plans. But who knows, others may look at me as a happy-go-lucky type or some even think that Im a trigger happy. They just dont know what's in my mind. :)

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For You



I will cry for you,
like water pouring in the rain..
I will embrace you,
like I never experienced PAIN..
I will think of you,
like nothing has ever occupied my brain..

I will kiss you,
like a cherry topped on vanilla ice cream..
I will love you,
like the waves of water in the ocean, Uncontrollable.
I will remember you,
like photographs, it will never fade..

I will miss you,
like its always the first time seeing you..
I will desire you,
like the warmth of the sun. irresistible..
I will look at you,
like letters in the poems and like ray of light..

I will, for you..

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Welcome Back

I miss blogging

sunny 30 °C


Hi folks! Im back. I miss blogging so much that it bugs ever night. Im so glad I have gained access to this old blog of mine. I have started this blog since October 2009, and fuck! Its now 2013! My last entry was dated 03.04.2010. Damn, what have I been doing all these time?

Anyhow, Im happy and so flabbergasted that I can even write all day. Its been awhile since I last wrote something meaningful. Lol! But that's true, I love writting stuff but Im not sure sometimes if Im making sense to the readers or not (im so sorry for boring you though). I know I will be writting a lot in the next days, but for now, let me just show you how happy I am for my come back.

Enjoy reading!

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"Ang di marunong magmahal sa sariling wika, sa CALL CENTER naglipana..




I can't take it.. I can't speak in tagalog. Badtrip!. EOP is getting on my nerves!

I just think its all bunch of craps and bullshits to have that policy. I'm really so sorry for my words but its not really good for people to display hipocracy especially if you're working in an office environment.

I understand that its a standard policy among all other BPO's, which agents need to adhere with. I also understand that other clients are just preventing their customer's to know where they are servicing from. Which is an odd thing for me since some customers will have, at least the idea as to where they're calling to.

Practicing that policy is like fooling people/customer. Treachery.Fooling them in a way that they don't let people know that they've transfered most of their contact centers in Asia to gain more profit with less cost. And EOP is their way of covering their ass.

I don't mean to sound so bitter or less professional, but on an agent's perspective, inconvenience is not enough to describe the uncomfortable feeling everytime you want to say something and yet you can't say without your superior reminding you about the EOP policy.

Just for the heck of it, as a result, some agents will simply have to comply with it by speaking in english without even saying the words correctly or they even tend to play with their grammar. It makes it difficult sometimes to deliver the message the way you want to say it.

According to Bob Ong: "Informal grammar is different from wrong grammar." . That makes sense.

As the saying goes, 'Its not what you say, its how you say it.'

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Much awaited movie..

the sequel..


  • **


I can't wait to see Edward and Jacob again!

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Random Thoughts..





Whatta sigh?!?.. Here I am again, confused and didn't know what to write. Im not really good in expressing myself, especially through writting. I can't even figure out why am I still updating my 2 blog sites with nonsense things.

I love writting and reading, but I can not see myself being so articulate and creative in posting things on my site. I sometimes wish that people will visit and appreciate my blog even if my entries does not make any sense at all and even if it is not so comprehensive like that of those who can attract people to read their blogs without much effort.

Sometimes, its not enough for me to just write, I need to be understood. I need people to see me in my creations, I want them to read on my thoughts not on my words. To feel what is unexpress with those words. But that is too much to ask especially if you are not a writter by professio or worse if you are just nobody who knows how to write but does not write anything at all.

I always wonder how can other blogger be so confident in their entries and how effortless are they in attracting people to read on their entries. Which made me so insecure and envious of them.

I dont know if just need to be inspired or explore things and put them words. I really can't say if I am just boring or just lazy enough to update my blog. But if I'll be true to myself and to others, its not because of boredom or laziness, I am not just confident that people will like my stuff and that they will be interested in things that I am posting in my site. That makes me bite the bullet!

Another deep sigh from me.



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Famous one-liners

on avail..


This is just one of the silly things I am doing when boredom is eating me and I can't thing of anything else but to B-L-O-G nonsense things that comes out of my head. And this entry is one great example.

"Pinapaikot mo lang ako Nagsasawa na ako. Mabuti pang patayin mo na lang ako" -- electric fan

"Hindi lahat ng walang salawal ay bastos" -- winnie d' pooh

"Alam mo ba wala akong ibang hinangad kundi ang mapalapit sa iyo. Pero patuloy ang pag-iwas mo" -- ipis

"Hala! sige magpakasasa ka! Alam ko namang katawan ko lang ang habol mo." -- Hipon

"Ayoko na! pag nagmamahal ako lagi na lang maraming tao ang nagagalit!wala ba akong karapatang magmahal?!?"-- gasolina

"Hindi lahat ng green ay masustansya." -- plema

"Hindi ko hinahangad na ako ay ipagmalaki mo ayoko ko lang naman na sa harap ng maraming tao ay ganun na lamang kung itanggi mo ako.." -- utot

"Sawang sawa na ako palagi nalang akong pinagpapasa-pasahan, pagod na pagod na ako." -- Bola

"You never know what you have till you lose it. And once you lose it, you can never get it back" -- snatcher

"Hindi lahat ng pink, KIKAY!" --Majinboo

"Ginawa ko naman lahat para sumaya ka mahirap ba talagang makontento sa isa? Bakit palipat-lipat ka?" -- TV

"hindi lahat ng maasim may Vitamin C." -- kili kili

"Sige, batihin mo ako.... Sigeee.....BATEEEEEE!!!!!!!!" -omelette

"Pilitin mo man na alisin ako sa buhay mo, babalik at babalik ako!" -- Libag

"Wag mo na akong bilugin.." -- Kulangot

"Paano tayo makakabuo kung hindi ako papatong sa iyo?" -- Lego

"Hindi lahat ng dugo puedeng idonate." -- Regla

"Hindi lahat ng hinog, matamis." --pigsa

"Wala naman akong ginawa sa kanya! Hindi na nga ako gumalaw dito. Ako na nga yun natapakan, siya pa yun galit.. bakit ganun?" -- Tae

"Cge kalimutan mo ako para malaman ng iba ang baho mo!" -- Deodorant

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Not Interested


Haaay. I still have any idea on what to put in as my first entry for this year. I haven't been writting any entry to any of my blog lately. I can't tell if I am loosing my interest in creating blogs and anything. Hindi ko din masabi kung tinatamad ako or what. I am not a good writter nor a good commentator. I am not even articulate.

I have a lot of things in mind right now, but I don't know if anyone will be interested with it. Kasi ba naman, puro kalokohan lang ang alam ko. And I know people won't be interested in reading those kind of article.

How I wish I can have a better idea!

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landi ko!


I dont know why, but it always makes me wonder kung bakit kakaiba ang taste when it comes to guys. I am always attracted to smart looking guys, and when I say SMART, that refers to those nerdy and book freak guys. I really cannot explain the reason why I am so attracted with those kind of men. Certainly some of them dont have the looks and sense of humor to enlighten some girls and most of the time they can either annoy or disappoint you just by being so caught up with what they are doing. FOCUS is the keyword! hehehe


I wanna share something, something cheesy! Its about my one and only crush sa aPS. I dont wanna mention his name pero itago na lang natin sya sa pangalang Father Bo. Para lang syang pangalan ng anime character or worse pangalan ng aso. Hehehe!


Anyways, Father Bo is one of the reasons why Im still with my current account. Not to be so much mushy about but he inspire me a bit. Hahaha! Kahit na most of my old and new friends dont like the thought that Im into a GEEK. But I like him so much kahit na super book and movie freak sya. And whenever I see him, I always feel likeI wanna have small talk with him. Hehehe!


Getting to know each other? NO Mushy? YES


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Im sick...

one of my lousy days..


It all started last week, Tuesday 6th of October 2009. Nang maisipan namen ng mga drinking buddies ko na uminom after shift sa same old place somewhere in Makati Ave. I happen to discover that place back in june or july of this year, I can't remember when exactlty it was. But as far as I can remember, It was one of my cheesiest moments hehehe.


Anyways, eversince then dun na kami lagi umiinom ng mga friends ko sa office. I dont know what happened but I haven't felt better since last week. Lagi na lang akong may lagnat and etc. I dont even know what the heck happened to me that day. Its as if I drank too much beer and ate too much sisig. Eh hindi naman! I just drink 3 bottles of RH and then that's it.

It all started with this:


And it end up like this:


Promise di na muna ako iinom!

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In My Life

drama moments!


Vilma Santos: " Walang timeout ang pagiging ina!"


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new moon

My most awaited movie for this year...

rain 17 °C

Showing na siya sa November 20, 2009!


Sana November na!

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