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The Dark World

I want to thank my beloved cousin, Ate Ning for giving me the free voucher (for the nth time.) to watch the movie alone. Thanks! :)



I went to Resorts World Manila (which is like a tricycle ride away from where I live) and tried my luck if I can still exchange the voucher I got from my cousin into a movie ticket for the movie Thor, The Dark World. Luckily, I was just in time for the 1:50PM showing of the movie, and sadly, I am indeed alone but that's fine at least I got a bucket full of popcorn to accompany me.

I tried to be nonchalant with all the lovers surrounding me as I watch the movie alone with my cheesy popcorn. All eyes. All ears. Focusing on the movie and not on the love birds pecking on each other on my left side. Its annoying how they talk to each other like whisperers, their voice are too soft but the words coming from their mouth are so audible, its as if no one can hear their booty talks. Humming and pecking like birds. I tried to pigeonhole the thoughts of where their conversation is leading to and try to ignore the movements I sensed from them and tried my very best to switch my attention back to Chris Hemsworth, Tom Hiddleston and Natalie Portman.

I succeeded for a while though, but I suddenly felt an urge of curiosity to get a glimpse of how the couples beside me looks like and it made me smile, the devil's smile when I thought about it.

I slightly turned my head to the left side and saw the man's silhouetted face in my peripheral vision. I gave a second glance just to make sure that my eyes are not playing a painfull joke on me and that I am not just trying to travel through time as the man that I am rudely staring at looks exactly like someone that I used to know from the past. My heart skipped a beat when I saw the vague vision of the man's face. I was speechless and almost toungue-tied. I am almost nostalgic.

The man has a medium cut curly hair, pointed nose, thin lips, big brown eyes (with eyeglasses) and I know that the guy has a fair skin even in the darkness of the cinema. I know for a fact that the guy is tall too, based on his height as he sits and he also have a medium bulit body. Hindi payat, hindi mataba, hindi rin macho. Sakto lang. The guy seems to be a playfull, good guy. I think I'm judging the guy too much based on his silhouetted image.

I suddenly realize that Iam not just staring at him, I'm actually being an intruder with no fixed agenda at all. I felt a bit shame as he look back at me. I felt the familliar pain that used to haunt me for the past few years. The pain of being a fickle minded with no definite plan. The pain of losing someone because of your undecisiveness. No courage to bite the bullet and decide.

Anyways, those are the things from the past. Something I should not really bother myself about anymore. Like treasures, I should dig a hole somewhere within me and just keep it there. I should not really lavish time and effort remembering how things were in the past. Nostalgia should stay in oblivion and should be obliterated completely if possible.

Going back to what I was watching, the movie is great and Loki's dead. Not really dead, he did a trick to be the King of Asgard.


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